Linda Thornton Scholarship

Linda Thornton Scholarship Program

Linda Thornton Scholarships Available  

Due to the hardships created by the COVID-19 global pandemic, ILEA Dallas understands that the financial burden of renewing your membership might be daunting at this time. While many of us are uncertain about the future, one thing we all know is how important it is to continue reinvesting in our industry and utilizing the International Live Events Association for our professional and personal experiences. We can emerge from this stronger as individuals and as an industry!

 The ILEA Dallas chapter, through our Linda Thornton Scholarship Fund, is proud to offer (25) scholarships to our Members to cover 50% of the membership fee for the upcoming 2020-2021 fiscal year! There are two options to choose from should you be awarded this scholarship opportunity.

  1. Utilize the scholarship for 50% of your total membership fee and pay the entire amount by the June 30th renewal date.
  2. If you have completed your application for the payment program through ILEA Hub, you are welcome to utilize this 50% towards either the first or the second payments.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please fill out the scholarship form and return it to by June 10, 2020. As a recipient of this scholarship, we will require you to serve our chapter this 2020-2021 fiscal year by either serving on one of our various committees or on the chapter leadership board.

For those of you that are able to reinvest in ILEA Dallas for a one-year membership and renew the full amount by June 30th, our Chapter will provide to you the next (6) networking events complimentary as a token of our appreciation.

Should you decide to sign up for a multi-year membership (either in full or via payment plan through International), ILEA Dallas will provide to you complimentary networking events for the duration of your multi-year membership with our gratitude for your continued support. That’s 3 years of free networking!!

As your ILEA Dallas President, these scholarships represent an unprecedented opportunity and are possible due to the fundraising that our Chapter has accomplished over the last few years. This is our chance to give back to our Members and say THANK YOU for your sustained funding and support of our industry and our association.


For any questions regarding chapter scholarships, please feel free to reach out to